GarTender - The Ideal Cigar Holder!



Turbo-charge your smoking pleasure with GarTender!


The inventor, an avid golfer, couldn't take it any longer. He was tired of his cheap cigars being doused by the wind on the golf course. It was even worse when his cigar would collect sand while laying directly on the putting green or fairway. After all, nobody likes a gritty cigar. He tried keeping the cigar in his mouth when making a shot, but when the smoke drifted into his eyes, it caused his already bad score to get worse.

So, he grabbed an empty toilet paper roll from the trash can, inserted a piece of sponge in one end with a hole for the cigar, went to the golf course to meet his buddies, and the idea for GarTender was born. After his buddies stopped laughing at the prototype made from a toilet paper roll, they asked if he needed investors. And now, a PATENT for GarTender has been issued!!!



GarTender is an attractive accessory for any occasion.




...After inserting your cigar into 'GarTender, THERE'S NO NEED TO REMOVE IT UNTIL FINISHED.

...GarTender shields your cigar from wind and PROMOTES A CONSISTENT & STEADY TOBACCO BURN.

...Made from durable, heat resistant material.
...In cold weather, IT MAKES A GREAT HAND WARMER.

...GarTender can be placed on any surface or in a CUP HOLDER, EVEN WHILE YOUR CIGAR IS BURNING.
...It protects your cigar from touching the ground & contamination.
...Great for HUNTING, FISHING, BOATING, or for relaxing on the patio.
...More versatile than the Cigar Minder or any other cigar clip. Check out our YouTube video.
IT'S EASY TO ORDER ON AMAZON BY CLICKING THIS LINK  ORDER 'GarTender. Each 'GarTender is $8.95 plus shipping & handling.

OR, you can send us an email with your address and desired quantity @ $8.00 each. Shipping & handling is $4.00 for up to 2 items (within the United States). Payment must be made through PayPal at this email. 
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